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  • Hello, everyone!
    Today was a sunny day here in Philadelphia, but it was chilly, more like normal early winter weather. I had such a headache today, I didn’t get up early at all. Probably the same reason I couldn’t sleep last night, the dampness in the air really kills me and causes so much pain.
    It was a holiday here in the USA today,…[Read more]

  • Is it just me or do epay rotator and faucets are getting less and less stable nowadays?

  • Yeah, it was so big that I only wagered 2% using 40x auto spin on slot games. It is rather ridiculous amount to wager. But then again, as I’ve mentioned earlier, it seems that my luck always run out after wagering around 20%. Maybe if I do get some win, I’ll just wager around 18% and then wait 1 day before I play them again?

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    Good evening My Friends!
    Today was supposed to be cold and snowy, but instead, the sun was out in Philadelphia. That was a nice surprise, but of course, I had too much stuff to do inside that I didn’t get outside to enjoy it, Oh well, tomorrow is another day.
    I have been a little down this weekend, no one is around to go and visit, and everyone…[Read more]

  • @gifted76 Hey, thanks for initiating contact! Are you a bitcoin enthusiast?

  • pookie22 posted an update 2 days, 3 hours ago

    Good evening My Friends!
    Today was not a nice day weather-wise here in Philadelphia. That snow I was talking about is on its way, and we got the precursor to it this afternoon in sleet and freezing rain. This weather is crazy, yesterday it was 63 degrees F, and tonight it is 32. I am mostly caught up here on my computer work, that’s what a bad…[Read more]

  • Wow guys, I just did a little research on other bitcoin earning sites and was very disappointed with what I saw. It’s obvious Coin Tasker is still the best and I encourage all of you to not waste your time anywhere else. If you have other BTC earning sites you use, please let us know but it doesn’t look like there is anyone else out there with the…[Read more]

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    • Thank you @cointasker! I do two others, but as you said, they don’t pay anything close to what is here. I love this site, and yes, it is like a little family.
      I don’t think I can post my links here for the two sites I do work for bit coin…but the names are BTC Clicks and Bits For Clicks. As I said, I don’t earn nearly as much on there and it…[Read more]

  • jack posted an update 2 days, 22 hours ago

    there is no any new thing to mention
    because if I mention there will tension
    and if there will be tension
    you will mention about your tension
    then I will get tension
    and I don’t want any tension
    so I Donn’r have any thing to mention

  • @shepherd89 view the ads for 30 sec or 60 sec , complete surveys, post your status, and so on

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  • pookie22 posted an update 3 days, 4 hours ago

    Hello, everyone!
    How is your Friday the Thirteenth going? Some people are superstitious about this date…I don’t really understand why, as it is just another day. It was quiet here, the sun was in and out most of the day, and it was warm. I think I heard it is going to snow again tomorrow, but I sure hope it doesn’t.
    Does anyone have any plans…[Read more]

  • Dang! .01 BTC is a huge amount to win off the 3 free spins! It’s interesting though, because if you win .01 BTC you have to bet a total of .4 BTC before you can withdraw, so there is something to be said for winning a smaller overall amount on the free spins and then hitting a hot streak afterwards. On the other hand, I usually end up with about…[Read more]

  • Dang … I won 0.01 btc from the free spins this week and only managed to wager 21% before I lost everything again. I find 20% is my max wagered percentage so far, lol …

    How is your luck so far?

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    double frosties

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  • frosties posted an update 3 days, 23 hours ago


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    Hello, my friends~
    Today was cloudy and unseasonably warm here in Philadelphia, but it is going to “do” something soon. My legs HURT..every inch of them. Actually, they are calling for rain turning into snow sometime this weekend. I guess I won’t be doing anything this weekend again 🙁
    How is everything in your world? I do hope you are…[Read more]

  • Coin Tasker posted an update 4 days, 6 hours ago

    Check out our most recent integration offering surveys that actually help fight world hunger. For every survey you complete, you not only get free bitcoins, but you also provide a meal for a hungry child. Complete surveys for a good cause!

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