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Coin Tasker Frequently Asked Questions

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  • 10/23/2014 at 1:08 AM #5497

    What is Coin Tasker? Coin Tasker is a rewards based community website allowing members to earn bitcoins by completing tasks. We have a large variety of tasks that range from something as simple as logging in, to something as detailed as a survey or product trial. With such a large variety of tasks, you can start earning bitcoins instantly!

    Why Coin Tasker? The real question is, “Why not Coin Tasker?”. Coin Tasker is absolutely free, anonymous, and a great way to earn bitcoins free. We will never require payment from you in anything but the rewards you earn on our site. We will never sell or give your private information away, and we require as little information as possible while still creating a user rich member oriented community. We have more tasks and larger variety than any other bitcoin earning website. We also have the highest payout rate in the industry for our members. Ultimately, this is why you should try Coin Tasker.

    Does Coin Tasker cost me anything? No, absolutely not! Coin Tasker is 100% free to use as a tool for earning bitcoin without directly purchasing it. Please be aware, we we may include trial offers that require a purchase before you earn the listed amount of bitcoin, but we will always have free tasks you can participate in and not spend a single penny to earn bitcoin. Please read the details of each task carefully, and use your intuition in determining which tasks are which. They are typically labeled very clearly.

    How do I earn bitcoins? Earning bitcoins is easy! First, you will need to register so we can keep track of your btc balance. Once you register, your account will be rewarded a bonus, and will have already earned your first amount of bitcoin. Once you check your email and login, you will automatically get your daily login bonus, and once again earned more bitcoin. Once logged in, you can earn bitcoin by completing tasks, such as watching YouTube videos, downloading games, trial offers, Google Tasks, interacting with the community and a whole lot more!

    How much can I earn with Coin Tasker? The amount of bitcoin you can earn is completely up to you. Because Coin Tasker has the largest variety of tasks, as well as the highest payout structure of any GPT bitcoin website, we believe the possibilities are endless. With new offers being added daily and thousands of tasks available at any given moment, you will never lack the possibility of earning more bitcoin!

    How do I cashout my bitcoin balance? Cashing out your bitcoin balance is easy! Once you’ve met the minimum balance of .005 BTC (5,000 ?BTC), you can visit the Coin Tasker Shop and cashout your balance. We typically process payments every day, except for weekends.

    Why am I unable to withdraw my bitcoin balance? Before you can withdraw your bitcoin balance, you must first earn the minimum to withdraw. Only members who earn balance of at least .005 BTC (5,000 ?BTC) will be able to withdraw.

    What is the minimum to withdraw? .005 BTC or 5,000 ?BTC

    Why was my comment deleted? Coin Tasker has a number of volunteer moderators who search for and delete spam. If your comment was deleted, it can typically be attributed to one of the following reasons reasons:
    ? Your comment included an affiliate link.
    ? Your comment included a shortened url, which are deleted because they typically are affiliate links themselves or used to hide an affiliate link.
    ? Your comment was a duplicate post and does not add value to the community. Please post unique comments EVERY time to effectively contribute to the community.
    ? Your comment included offensive content including language, images, or links to other potentially offensive content.
    ? Your comment was gibberish and did not make any sense.
    ? Your comment included non-relevant information. This typically includes a specific member repeatedly posting about non-bitcoin related topics, such as religion or politics. Please be aware, we encourage members to talk about non-bitcoin related topics, but if you repeatedly post about the same topic for an extended period of time, and our moderators or even other members take notice of this, your comments may be deleted.

    Can I post a link to my website? Yes, you may post a link to your website, provided that:
    ? Your link is not an affiliate link.
    ? Your link actively contributes to the community. Please do not post links to non-bitcoin related sites.
    ? Your link is not shortened with a url shortener.
    ? Your link does not lead to offensive or harmful material such as violent images or computer viruses.
    ? You do not repeatedly post your link. Please only post your link once.

    Why was my account marked as a spammer? Your account will be marked as a spammer and you will be permanently banned from Coin Tasker if you repeatedly post affiliate links in the forum, repeatedly post duplicate content in the forum (adding useless comments to earn BTC), or if you attempt to cheat or complete tasks fraudulently. Any member who continually breaks the rules will be banned permanently.

    Why did I not receive credit for a task I completed? There are a number of different variables that can interfere with or prevent tasks from properly crediting your account. Please keep in mind that CoinTasker.com does not have any control over how tasks are tracked and approved. The 3rd party advertiser has the final say as to whether or not a task you completed is eligible for credit based on the information they receive from their analytics and tracking. CoinTasker.com immediately credits users for every completed task approved by the advertiser. Most of the time, tasks are approved instantly, but some tasks are not. Advertisers may delay the credit for 15 minutes to 24 hours.

    If you successfully completed a task according to the requirements and did not receive credit, it could be due to one or more of the following reasons:
    ? If you are using a proxy or external web service, your account will not be credited.
    ? If you provide false information, your submission will not pass the validity test, the advertiser will reject your submission, and your account will not be credited.
    ? If you are using a browser extension that effectively blocks cookies or an ad blocker program, your account may not be credited.
    ? If your web browser does not accept third-party cookies, your account may not be credited.
    ? If you have already completed the same offer on another site, your account may not be credited.
    ? If you or your geographic location have been flagged for abuse, your account will not be credited.
    Most task walls have a “support” or “help” link where you can directly contact the advertiser with regards to a task you completed. They will be your first form of contact for any task related inquiries. For suggestions and tips to increase your odds of receiving credit for successfully completed tasks, please see the next question.

    How can I increase my odds of receiving credit for successfully completed tasks? By following the outline steps below, you can vastly improve your odds of receiving credit for completed tasks:
    ? First, verify your browser is set to accept all third-party cookies. Enabling browser cookies is very important and typically the most common issue with receiving credits. This will ensure that the tasks you complete are tracked and credited properly. Learn more about how to enable cookies for Chrome.
    ? Second, you should delete your cookies and clear your cache. After clearing your cookies, you should restart your browser before moving on.
    ? Next, if you have any ad-blocking programs or browser extensions that may be blocking cookies, you should temporarily disable them while visiting CoinTasker.com.
    ? Additionally, if you have anti-spyware or virus protection programs such as Norton, AVg, or McAfee installed on your computer, you should verify they are not set to block third-party cookies.
    ? Make sure you provide truthful information so your submission passes the validity tests many of our advertisers use before accepting submissions.
    ? Lastly, if you are connected to the internet via a proxy server or public connection, you may need to connect via other means if available to you.

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