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Updated ?BTC Bonuses

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  • 07/22/2015 at 5:39 PM #5984

    Coin Tasker offers hefty bonuses for our active members, enough that many of our members never even have to complete any 3rd party tasks to make a withdrawal. Below you will find our most updated sitewide bonuses available to all of our members. If you find an error on this list, please email us so we can keep it updated.

    Registration bonus
    50 ?BTC

    Daily login bonus
    5 ?BTC

    Referral bonus
    .01 ?BTC for every referred unique visitor (up to 2,500 visitors/day)
    10 ?BTC for every referred new member (up to 100 members/day)

    Social share bonus
    .1 ?BTC for every social share (up to 10 per day on each social network)

    New friendship bonus
    .1 ?BTC for every new friendship (no limit)

    Profile/Activity update bonus
    .5 ?BTC for every profile update (up to 1 per day)

    Comment bonus
    .5 ?BTC for every comment (up to 10 per day)

    New forum topic bonus
    .5 ?BTC for every new forum topic (up to 10 per day)

    New forum reply bonus
    .5 ?BTC for every new forum reply (up to 10 per day)

    New forum favorited topic bonus
    .01 for every favorited topic (up to 10 per day)

    Negative bonuses
    If you break the rules and your comment, status update, forum post or reply is deleted, you will receive a negative bonus, typically 2X the original bonus. Repeat offenders will have their account banned. DO NOT BREAK THE RULES!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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