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How To Earn Bitcoins

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How To Earn Bitcoins
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How To Earn Bitcoins FREE With Coin Tasker!

Our 47,509 members have completed 1,225,323 micro tasks for a total of 17.6492076 BTC

Coin Tasker is the first of it’s kind! We reward you with FREE bitcoins for every task you complete! Simply register, confirm your account and get an instant 1,000 satoshi bonus just for signing up, plus an additional 100 satoshi every day just for signing in!

Coin Tasker has teamed up with Coinbase and Xapo online bitcoin wallets. Coinbase offers Coin Tasker members $10 in FREE bitcoin when use our registration link and make your first deposit of $100 or more and Xapo offers instant payouts on select tasks!


  ★ Watch Videos   ★ Complete Micro-Tasks   ★ Play Games
  ★ Complete Surveys   ★ Social Media   ★ Online Shopping
  ★ Download Apps   ★ Make Friends   ★ Community Comments


  ★ Earn 10% on all referral withdrawals   ★ Earn 5 satoshi for every referred member
  ★ Lifetime Commissions   ★ Earn .01 satoshi for every referred visitor



jay11155.00 PtsPoints for logging in
GJE5.00 PtsPoints for logging in
GJE1,000.00 Ptsfor becoming a member
Crystallas0.52 Ptsfor completing Ad Click Wall Task Welcome toThe Boardroom! Please Take a Seat
Crystallas0.52 Ptsfor completing Ad Click Wall Task Improve your site alexa rank
Crystallas0.52 Ptsfor completing Ad Click Wall Task Diamond-GPT
Crystallas0.52 Ptsfor completing Ad Click Wall Task Super Traffic Cash Machine
Crystallas0.52 Ptsfor completing Ad Click Wall Task PTP Program
Crystallas0.52 Ptsfor completing Ad Click Wall Task surf skunk world click
Crystallas0.52 Ptsfor completing Ad Click Wall Task Watch the Ad
Crystallas0.52 Ptsfor completing Ad Click Wall Task Rotate4all
Crystallas1.56 Ptsfor completing Ad Click Wall Task We Deliver Traffic and Signups
Crystallas5.00 PtsPoints for logging in
aditia5.00 PtsPoints for logging in
Powers5.00 PtsPoints for logging in
heineman5.00 PtsPoints for logging in
lisa685.00 PtsPoints for logging in
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adele5.00 PtsPoints for logging in
Kryber5.00 PtsPoints for logging in
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teej54270.00 PtsPoints for completing Peanut Labs Survey Do you listen to the radio Opinions needed!
streets5.00 PtsPoints for logging in


  ★ 04/12/2017 – New Ad Click Wall Task Wall added.
  ★ 02/23/2017 – New Ad Gate Media Task Wall added.
  ★ 01/12/2017 – New Say So Pubs Surveys added.
  ★ 12/29/2016 – New Offer Daddy Task Wall added.
  ★ 11/21/2016 – New Kiwi Wall Task Wall added.
  ★ 03/11/2016 – New Adknowledge 30 sec PTC Bitcoin ads and Adknowledge 60 sec PTC Bitcoin ads added.
  ★ 04/1/2016 – New site design with increased page load speeds.
  ★ 03/11/2016 – New Revenue Universe Task Wall added.
  ★ 07/30/2015 – New TrialPay Task Wall added.
  ★ 02/12/2015 – Added instant payment via Xapo for the watching videos for bitcoins.
  ★ 02/11/2015 – Added instant payment via Xapo for Coin Tasker Bitcoin Faucet.
  ★ 02/06/2015 – New Coin Tasker Bitcoin Faucet added.
  ★ 02/05/2015 – New feature: Watch videos for bitcoins added.
  ★ 11/13/2014 – New ClixWall Task Wall added.
  ★ 10/21/2014 – New Task Wall added.
  ★ 09/24/2014 – New Token Ads Task Wall added.
  ★ 09/19/2014 – New Adscend Media Task Wall added.
  ★ 09/11/2014 – Minimum withdrawal limit lowered to .005 BTC (500,000 satoshi).
  ★ 04/09/2014 – New Adwork Media Task Wall added with free tasks, surveys, downloads, trials and more!
  ★ 04/07/2014 – New Matomy Money Task Wall added with videos, 1 click tasks, mobile apps and more!
  ★ 03/26/2014 – New Offer Toro Task Wall added with mobile apps, 1 click tasks, and surveys!
  ★ 02/23/2014 – New featured task display for quick access to the most popular tasks!
  ★ 02/11/2014 – New site design!
  ★ 02/11/2014 – New features: Upload photos, like user posts, floating user menu bar with updated balance.
  ★ 02/11/2014 – New mobile theme with Facebook style native app!