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How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency in 2022 With 20 Verified Opportunities Worth $1,000+

How to Earn Free Cryptocurrency in 2022 With 20 Verified Opportunities Worth $1,000+
01/20/2020 Coin Tasker
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This post was last updated on January 21, 2022

If you’re still wondering how to earn free cryptocurrency in 2022, these 20 verified methods are still working and worth more than $1,000!



If you’ve been in the cryptocurrency scene longer than few years, you might remember bitcoin faucets from back in the early days. The premise of faucets, is that they will send you free “dust” or in other words, very small amounts of free bitcoin and typically allow users to make a claim once every 60 minutes. Those of us who used faucets back in the early days of bitcoin (2012 -2013) will remember hundreds of bitcoin faucets that allowed users to earn small amounts of bitcoin that would now easily be worth thousands of dollars. Unfortunately, as the price of bitcoin has skyrocketed since then, most of these faucets have all died off, but a small select few found creative ways to remain sustainable and still exist today. Below is a list of the most reliable and verified paying faucets, and we highly recommend taking advantage of these if you believe the price of bitcoin will continue to rise over the next 5-10 years!


Most likely the oldest, yet most reliable answer to how to earn free cryptocurrency is Freebitco.in. Freebitco.in is one of the last of the original bitcoin faucets. If you’re new to bitcoin, you may not know what a bitcoin faucet is but if you’ve been around since the early days, you’ll remember that small fortunes were given away for free back when bitcoin had little value. Over the years, bitcoin increased in value and ad revenue for crypto sites decreased, making it no longer profitable for faucets to give away free bitcoin. Freebitco.in managed to survive this by expanding their offerings to include dice games, prop bets, reward points, lotteries, and contests. But, on top of all that, Freebitco.in still allows members to claim free bitcoin once per hour, with weekly payouts and tons of additional ways to earn and multiply your earnings. They also offer a generous 50% referral commission rate on faucet claims, .4% of referral bets, and 25% of daily interest for referrals who stake their winnings within their account (rather than withdrawing to an external address). Additionally, they offer generous reward points for all personal actions and referral actions which can later be redeemed for prizes or converted straight to bitcoin. The newest addition to the Freebitco.in platform is their new wheel of fortune for all members who subscribe to their email newsletter. Every day subscribers receive an email with a free spin on the wheel of fortune, providing a variety of prizes ranging from free BTC, free reward points, and even a free $1,500 Rolex watch!



Cointiply presents a hybrid system similar to Coin Tasker and Freebitco.in. First and foremost, Cointiply is an hourly bitcoin faucet offering between 22 coins and 280 coins per spin. The value of coins appears to based on the dollar and the current price of bitcoin so an example might look something like this 10140 Coins / $1.014 / 0.00002675 BTC. Combine Cointiply’s free bitcoin faucet with offerwall tasks, videos, PTC Ads, and a full fledged affiliate program offering 25% of every referrals faucet claims and also 10% of any of your referrals offer wall earnings. If Freebitco.in is the kind of bitcoin earning opportunities you enjoy, then join Cointiply today and see what you’ve been missing out on!



Betfury is another hybrid faucet with a variety of other feature including staking, cashback, promotions, dice, and other casino style games. They currently allow members to claim 1.25 satoshi every 20 minutes and 0.000011 Binance coin (BNB) every 20 minutes. They also have a referral program that offers 20% for every referral faucet claim and 15% from pure referral profit. You can multiple your profits in a dice game or a variety of other casino style games. You rank up your profile, which increase your cashback from 2% up t0 25% and provide additional bitcoin bonuses and daily tasks for even more winnings. Additionally, Betfury uses their own gaming token (BFG), which is earned through wagering your earnings and used for staking and providing additional daily payouts. Currently 100,000 BFG would earn 0.00007186 BTC every day through staking, not to mention equally valued payouts in in 5 other coins (ETH, BNB, TRX, USD, and BTT)  Honestly, Betfury has to be one of the most fun faucet/casino hybrid platforms we’ve seen yet, so register today and explore this unique free cryptocurrency platform for yourself!

NOTE: Betfury has recently blocked access to a number of countries including the US after acquiring their curacao gambling license. While we can’t officially recommend using a VPN to access your account from one of these countries, this recent update has left many users without access and without prior notification. Use your best judgement on how to access your account and previous earnings moving forward.



PipeFlare is another awesome hybrid faucet with tons of free cryptocurrency earning opportunities ranging from daily rewards, browser based game tournaments, exclusive multiplier based power ups, competitions, and tier upgrades. For starters, PipeFlare offers daily claims on Zcash (SEC), DOGE, and their own Flare (FLR) token used for staking. Daily rewards stack with extra bonuses like free spins and 2x multipliers every 6 and 7 days of consecutive reward claims. Power ups offer a variety of multiplier bonuses, such as the 2x faucet multiplier for using Brave Browser, the 2x faucet multiplier for being a mobile app user, as well as a number of different referral based multipliers. PipeFlare also offers a variety of unique game tournaments with crypto prizes paid out in DAI to users who rank between 1st and 300th in each timed tournament. Finally, PipeFlare offers a number of airdrops, some of which are open to the entire community while others are exclusive to supporters and power users. PipeFlares referral program offers free spins and multiplier bonuses on top of their tiered commission structure. There are three tiers for referrers, Novice (fewer than 25 referrals), Advanced (more than 25 referrals), and Professional (which requires a $25/month subscription fee). Each tier offers it’s own 4 tier multilevel commission rates. For instance the Novice tier offers 25% for direct referrals, 15% for level two referrals, 10% for level three referrals, 5% for level 4 referrals, and 5% for store/membership purchases.



FaucetCrypto is another hybrid faucet with similar earning opportunities as Cointiply, offering faucet claims every 30 minutes, PTC ads, paid shortlinks, offerwalls, and achievement bonuses for leveling up. One of FaucetCrypto’s greatest strengths is in their withdrawal options, as they are one of the only free cryptocurrency sites to offer withdrawals in over 20 different cryptocurrencies. While users do have a daily withdrawal limit, it doesn’t appear that users are required to meet a minimum amount to withdraw, so you can cash out in just about any major cryptocurrency at any time. While FaucetCrypto offers plenty of earning opportunities, we’ve found that some of these offers are still a work in progress. Faucet claims and PTC ads work well and payout reliably, but after multiple attempts at completing shortlink offers, we’ve found that they not only don’t work properly (we have yet to receive any payouts from them), but they typically lead you to unsafe websites that will trigger antivirus warnings. Additionally, offerwalls don’t appear to be live yet, which further limits your earning opportunities. Nonetheless we’ve decided to include FaucetCrypto on our list because there are some legitimate free crypto opportunities here and it is still a reliable crypto faucet, which are not so easy to find these days. The faucet appears to utilize a hidden captcha, meaning as long as you’re not using a VPN or ad blocker, you shouldn’t need to manually verify with any annoying 3rd party captcha services. On the other hand, FaucetCrypto requires users to remain active on the page for 10 seconds before making a claim, which can be a little annoying. In additiona to 30 minute faucet claims, and reliable payouts for PTC ads, FaucetCrypto also offers a variety of achievement bonuses for leveling up and completing daily tasks. They also offer a 20% lifetime revenue share for referrals, so referring your friends or followers can also help you earn free crypto.


This may sound strange, but most major cryptocurrency coins like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, DOGE, etc. are all actively being trading on almost all the top rated stock trading apps. The real bonus here is these companies are in dire need of new users and are willing to give out 1-2 free stocks for each new user. Once those stocks have settled, you can instantly trade them for the cryptocurrency coin of your choice! This is without a doubt the most profitable way to earn free crypto at the moment and is why we have it listed here at the top.

6. ROBINHOOD (UP TO $500 FREE per year)

One of the most uncommon answers to the most common question in the cryptoverse, “How to earn free cryptocurrency?”, is a well known stock trading app called RobinHood. As you may or may not know, Robinhood is a popular commission free stock trading app, which has recently integrated features for investing cryptocurrency. So, you can now take your bitcoin earnings and either sell them or even trade them for traditional stocks, or vice versa! And that’s not even the best part….the best part is the Robinhood free stock promo currently being offered to all new users! That’s right, simply sign up for your free Robinhood trading account, connect your bank account (but rest assured. no deposit is required) and they will instantly credit you with the Robinhood free stock promo offer, which could even be a free share of a high profile stock like Apple, Ford, or Sprint with a value of up to $200. That’s not all, either! Once you’ve signed up and claimed your first free share of stock, you can start referring new users and claim an additional free stock for each new referral, all the way up to $500 each calendar year! Sign up now to claim your free stock and then once your free share has been settled, simply trade it for whatever cryptocurrency you want.



Similar to Robinhood, Webull is another popular stock trading app on the market offering unlimited commission-free stock trading. What makes Webull different than Robinhood is theier much more lucrative referral program, but with that comes one additionally difficult step to confirm your referrals. If you remember Robinhood’s referral program only requires new users to download the app and simply connect their bank account (no deposit required), then you will quickly realize why Webulls referral program can be much more lucrative with the right strategy but it can also be significanly more challenging because each referral must first deposit $100 into their trading account within 30 days of signing up. The good news here is that for every referral, both members get 2 free stocks valued between $8 – $1600. This is the standard promotional offer at Webull, but every month they tend to offer new promotional deals. For instance, I helped a friend refer 4 new users (with $100 deposits), but in return he got 12 free stocks! These monthly promotional offers change often, but most commonly the app gives 2 free stocks to the new user and 2 free stocks for the referrer. Finally, just like Robinhood, you can simply sign up now to claim your 2 free stocks and then once your free shares hav been settled, simply trade it for whatever cryptocurrency you want.


8. DOUGH (UP TO $500 FREE per year)

Similar to Robinhood and Webull, Dough is a new stock trading app on the market offering unlimited commission-free stock trading. Dough was founded by Tom Sosnoff, who also founded ThinkorSwim. Unfortunately for us crypto lovers, Dough does not currently trade in cryptocurrencies (yet)…But don’t let that dissuade you. Once your free stocks have settled you can always cash out and invest those returns into crypto if so you choose to. The reason all these stock trading apps and their profitable referral programs exist is because it’s not easy to convince strangers to provide their personal information (like date of birth, address, SSN, and identity verification, etc) free of charge. But let’s be honest, all that info is already out there and it’s hardly private in this day and age, simply being sold to the highest bidder, which might as well be you. But honestly, this is where Dough really shines. Yes, they do require some personal information to open an account but it’s by far the least of the two alternative options listed on this page. Additionally, referrals earn free stocks without any stipulations. Simply sign up an account with a referral link and each party gets a free stock…..No $100 deposit, no direct linking to your bank account, nothing. So if you’re looking for a simple way to trade and an even easier way to convert referrals then Dough is app for you.


GPT (Get Paid To) sites have lost a lot of their credibility these days because they come and they go like the wind, but there are a few GPT sites that have weathered the storm and managed to hang around for the long haul, consistently paid out their members, and offered generous referral bonuses in return. Much like the stock trading apps above, most of these sites don’t pay out directly in crypto, but they do pay out in PayPal (which now sells bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies) as well as a plethora of gift cards if that’s preferred.


Another relatively unknown answer for how to earn free cryptocurrency is Prize Rebel. Prize Rebel is our top ranked GPT (Get Paid To) site of all time, and while they don’t specifically offer rewards in cryptocurrency, they do offer physical as well as digital gift cards (Amazon, iTunes, Steam, etc), Visa cards, and PayPal payments, all of which can be used to instantly purchase cyrptocurrency through Paxful. Additionally, PayPal finally jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, allowing Prize Rebel users to now instantly cash out their earnings and convert it to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, or Litecoin in just a matter of minutes! Prize Rebel offers extremely high payouts for a variety of tasks like surveys, offerwalls, videos, app downloads and a whole lot more. Their simple and seamless withdrawal process allows trusted members to claim rewards instantly, and they offer an extremely generous 30% lifetime revshare referral program for any friends you send their way, making earning free cryptocurrency even easier in 2022.



Swagbucks is another reputable GPT site that’s managed to survive the tests of time. Much like Prize Rebel, they don’t pay out directly with cryptocurrency, but they do pay out in Paypal cash and all sorts of gift card opportunities that can easily be converted to crypto, especially if you’re familiar with Paxful. While Swagbucks and Prize Rebel could quite easily be seen as direct competitors in a a neck and neck race to the best GPT site in the world, Swagbucks falls short for one reason and one reason only: their measly referral program. We’re all here to make money, and we all know we make more of it by referring our friends, but the sad truth to the matter is that Prize Rebel’s referral program (30% lifetime rev share) is so significantly superior to Swagbucks (300 SB Bonus + 10% lifetime rev share), I almost find it even difficult to include on this page. But the truth is we’re not all here to make money with referrals or or even just with referrals and when it comes to “get paid to” (GPT) opportunities, Swagbucks is absolutely one of the best. If completing GPT offers is a primary means of your crypto profit, then by all means, Swagbucks is one of the best, most reliable operations in the game and should be used by anyone looking to earn crypto from completing offers and tasks rather than referrals.


Cashback programs offer cashback rewards for online shopping and if you’ve been doing the majority of your shopping online over the last year or so like most people, there is one bitcoin specific cashback app called Lolli. They have thousands of e-commerce partners from major brand names, offer up to 30% cashback (in BTC) whenever you shop online, and should without a doubt be in every persons arsenal of tools for earning free cryptocurrency. Other cashback programs like Rakuten are awesome too since they offer payments via Paypal which has recently started selling Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.


One of the newest answers to how to earn free cryptocurrency in 2022 in Lolli. Lolli is a new browser extension offering cashback in bitcoin from all of your online purchases. We have confirmed Lolli does in fact payout as we earned $4 in BTC for making a $17 purchase from Godaddy, as well as $6 BTC from a $40 Groupon purchase (which has increased in value to $80 as of March 16, 2022). With over 500 online merchants accepted  and up to 30% cashback in BTC, Lolli is an awesome way to earn bitcoin by doing nothing more than enabling a chrome extension while you make your every day online purchases. Lolli has partnered with 500+ top brands like Expedia, Priceline, Gap, Macy’s Old Navy, SeatGeek, Postmates, etc. and that list is continually growing! If you do any online shopping whatsoever, we highly recommend creating an account and searching for your favorite online shops in their list of partner sites.



Rakuten is one of the most popular cashback programs and their signup bonus is the best out there. When referred by another user, Rakuten offers a sign up bonus of $20 cashback on your first $20 spent (within 90 days) at one of their 2,500+ approved online stores in their network, including just about every major online retailer you can think of. It’s important to remember this 100% signup bonus of $20 can only be redeemed within 90 days of signing up, so consider what you’d like to buy before you go through the registration process. Rakuten offers up to 10% back on all online purchases from stores within their network, but cashback rates do vary by store and can be as low as 1%. Some stores also offer flate rate cashback options to like $10 or $15 back. $5 cashback offers are also very common for free trials and other promotional offers from major retailers. Rakuten also offers payment via PayPal which can now be used to buy cryptocurrency, making withdrawal and conversion to your favorite crypto easier than ever. They also offer a mobile app, browser extensions, cashback credit cards, in store cash back offers, and a variety of featured daily deals. It’s also worth noting, their referral program is just as generous as their sign up bonus. Not only does the new user earn $20 cashback but so does the referrer. So, if you have friends or followers who want to join you on your quest for free cryptocurrency, Rakuten offers a you and them a generous opportunity to do so.



Pei is another cashback program that is somewhat of a hybrid between Lolli and Rakuten, as it offers cashback payouts in both BTC and USD. With over 100,000 merchants in their cashback network, they utilize a unique system that provides cashback for both online and offline shopping. Similar to Lolli, Pei offers a chrome extension to support online shoppers earn cashback. Even more impressive though, is their exclusive offline solution that allows users to earn cashback in-store at any merchant within their partner network. Pei allows you to connect your debit/credit card to activate cashback for thousands of offline and in-store retailers, allowing you to simply use your card at any retailer in their partner network and instantly earn cashback. Pei’s chrome extension is simple and intuitive for activating cashback at online retailers within their network, but users need to make sure no adblocking software or extensions are active while earning with Pei online. Pei also has another unique feature that allows you to search for a specific product from all of their online retail partners as well as a nice set of filtering options that allow you to sort by highest rates, most cashback, lowest price, etc. It’s also worth mentioning, Pei does some have some unique partners you wont find with Lolli or Rakuten. For example, there are at least a few online casinos with up to 56% cashback on top of any other new member bonuses offered. At the end of the day, Pei’s strength lies not only it it’s offline cashback solution, but more specifically the ability to connect a debit/credit card that automatically earns cashback whenever used with any retailer in the Pei network for both online and offline purchases. For example, consider the digital nomad crypto enthusiast who travels the world on a shoestring budget, working remotely from laptop. With Pei, this digital nomad can simply connect their travel rewards credit card that already offers them 5% cashback on all travel related purchases, except now they can earn up to an additional 24.5% on those purchases. Whether it’s purchasing airfare, booking a hotel room, renting a car, or even simply buying a bus ticket, Pei is great solution for easily earning additional cashback on top of any rewards credit cards. The ability to utilize credit cards with bonus cashback categories allows users to maximize their cashback potential within those categories, making Pei a solid complementary program rather than a replacement for other cashback programs like Lolli and Rakuten.



SocialGood is another unique cashback program/app that is primarily dedicated to offering 100% back (in crypto) on all purchases from eBay. While that might sounds insane (and in all honesty, it kind of is!), the catch is that they offer 100% cashback on all eBay purchases by paying you in their own SocialGood token (SG), which as of April 28th, 2022 has an extremely surprising value of $3.90 per token and has consistently remained between $2 and $5 per token over the las year. We have to admit, that is not only impressive but also very enticing. Exchanging SG tokens might be a little more difficult, as we’re not 100% sure which exchanges have them listed, and so far we’ve only been able to confirm SG token is listed on Bittrex, BitMart, and HOTBIT KOREA, meaning trading or withdrawing your SG tokens may prove to be a challenge.

While SocialGood’s primary promotion is an unheard of 100% cashback on eBay purchases, meaning if you buy a $45 Bluetooth speaker  on eBay, you will receive $45 of SG token based on the price of SG token at the time of the purchase. Rather than rewarding users their crypto AFTER the purchase has been confirmed/verified (which can take days) like we’ve seen with other apps like Rakuten and Lolli, SocialGood’s “Guaranteed Value” feature means that even if the price of SG tokens decrease during the time it takes to verify the users purchase, the user is still awared the higher value of the token at the time of purchase. As an avid eBay shopper, I really do love this idea and feel that it will be worth the effort to use the app as long as I can verify a simple withdrawal and exchange procedure (most likely Bittrex). Additionally, and similarly to Lolli and Rakuten, SocialGood is also currently offering the additional cashback options for other major ecommerce retailers, including: 15% for Best Buy (US), 15% for AliExpress, 2.8% for Trip.com, $12.25 for CheapOAir, 1.75% for AbeBooks, .04$ for FragranceNet.com, and 4.9% for Banggood. Because SocialGood is primarily focused on eBay purchases, other cashback programs not only have a much higher number of cashback partners, and tend to have higher cashback percentages (outside of eBay). For this very reason, my personal recommendation would be to use SocialGood for all your eBay shopping, then compare cashback prices between Rakuten and Lolli to determine which program to use for other specific purchases not from eBay.

Finally, SocialGood’s referral program is pretty awesome, as they offer a free $25 in SG tokens to every new referred user as well as $25 in SG tokens to each referrer. So even if you don’t shop at eBay very often, it’s worth downloading the app and using our promo code 64MNCZ for an instant credit of $25 in free SG tokens (currently around 6.5 tokens). Even if you transfer it straight to Bittrex, that’s another $25 to add to your crypto portfolio without doing anything other than downloading an app!


Did you know you can earn free cryptocurrency for browsing the internet? Probably not. Not only can you do that, but you can do so with more privacy, greater security, and faster web browsing! Brave is a relatively new browser on the scene but extremely unique and extremely popular. Not only is built on a Chromium but it automatically blocks ads, trackers, and cookies, keeping your browsing history private. It also speeds up every aspect of your web browsing, from searching to loading websites. Additionally it has TOR built in for an extra level of security. But best of all, Brave Browser offers free Basic Attention Token (BAT) for enabling their own ad platform, which is not only very inconspicuous and far from annoying, but it’s actually quite profitable as well. We highly recommend trying Brave if you want to improve your web browsing experience and passively earn free cryptocurrency along the way.


One of my personal favorite answers for how to earn free cryptocurrency in 2022 is Brave Browser. If you haven’t heard of Brave Browser yet, you’re in for a real treat! Brave is a new browser built on Chromium (stripped down version of Google Chrome), that removes ads, trackers, and even speeds up websites as you browse. But that’s not even the best part! Brave allows you to turn on their own ad network, displaying up to 5 ads per hour as you browse the web, and in return they pay you Basic Attention Token (BAT) as a reward for opting in . The ads are so non-intrusive they’re almost not even noticeable, as they are nothing more than a tiny push notification on the bottom right hand side of your monitor. you are not even required to click the ads in order to earn free BAT. Just to give you an idea of what kind of earning potential Brave offers us crypto enthusiasts, we tested it out and earned over $52 in BAT just the first 2 months after launch and over $500 sinec then, simply by doing what we do regularly, and with a highly improved overall experience. trust us when we say, you should download Brave immediately and start cashing in the time spend online.

The one major downside and number one complaint about Brave is that it requires users to withdraw their earnings to Uphold and doesn’t give users any other choice of wallet at this time (hopefully someday though!). Uphold is a relatively newer cryptocurrency wallet and exchange, and while it’s certainly not the worst, it’s also not the most recommended web based wallet out there. Nonetheless, if you want to earn BAT with Brave you will need an Uphold account which until now hasn’t had any sort of referral program. Currently they offer referral bonusses of $10 for any new user who trades $250 or more, so it’s not much of a referral program worth mentioning. But hey, if you think you’ll be trading in your BAT using Uphold, do feel free to honor us by registering with our Uphold referral link. No worries either way though, all we can say is you better get out there and start earning BAT using Brave with or without us!!


Coinbase Earn is another great way to earn free cryptocurrencies of all kinds. Simply watch some short education videos, take a short quiz and Coinbase will give you free cryptocurrency simply for learning about new coins. Please be aware KYC verification is required for Coinbase Earn.


As of recently, one of the more well known answers to how to earn free cryptocurrency, in CoinBase Earn. CoinBase Earn is an extremely simple and hassle free way to earn free crypto quickly, in fact it’s the best ROI your’e going to find when considering the amount of effort required to earn some free coins. The system is simple, watch a couple short videos and learn about different cryptocurrencies, answer a few quick questions to show you were paying attention, and just like that CoinBase credits your account with free coins. Currently Coinbase Earn is offering $52 in Orchid (OXT), $50 in Stellar Lumens (XLM), $50 in EOS, $20 in DAI, and $6 in Tezos, but the earning doesn’t stop there! Every month or so, new videos and earning opportunities are added to the program, which means we really don’t know what the full earning potential of this opportunity is just yet. P.S. Invitations are limited and we only have 7 left (3 EOS Invites & 4 OXT Invites), so jump on this deal with one of the two links provided before it’s too late!


In this section we will outline additional methods to earn free cryptocurrency that use mobile mining apps. Two of the most popular are Bee and Pi, both listed below.

17. PI NETWORK (referral code: CoinTasker for a 25% increase in your base mining rate)

Much like Bee, Pi makes crypto mining easy on your mobile device without draining your battery. Pi is a decentralized secure, immutable, non-counterfeitable and interoperable digital coin, focused on energy efficient mobile mining. Simply sign up using referral code “CoinTasker” to earn an extra 25% in your base mining rate,  and then simply click the button to start minings. Current mining rates are .12 Pi/hr but can be increased by every new user referral. You can also increase your base earning rate through upgrading your user role through referrals, adding members to your security circle.


18. BEE NETWORK (1 FREE Bee coin with referral code: cointasker)

Bee Network is a new blockchain innovation that provides gamified experience for users to earn Bee, a cryptocurrency that you can mine on your mobile phone. Users play  the roles of Miner, Referrer and Verifier, earning rewards in Bees in the process. Simply log in to the app once a day and click the button to start a mining session for the next 24 hours. Additionally, users can build teams and earn an extra 25% for every active miner on your team. Teams include your referrer and your referrals. So, if you use our referral code “cointasker”, you will join our team and earn an extra 25% from us! You can also ping members in your team to remind them to start mining. The amount of Bee earned through mining is based on the overall number of users on the platform. Originally, users earned 1.6 Bee/hr but that was cut in half to .8 Bee/hr at 100,000 active users. This was additionally cut in half again to .4 Bee/hr at 1 million users and it will be cut in half again at 10 million users. Once the total user base has grown to 1 billion users worldwide, no more Bee coins will be created or issued

According to the whitepaper listed on the Bee website “In order to make Bee valuable, Bee Network is specially designed as a network consisting of genuine people which fosters players to exchange goods, service and expertise in real life with their Bee balance and eventually list Bee on major cryptocurrency exchanges for trading Bee with fiat money.”If Bee network is something you want to try, there is very little risk (other than potentially wasting your time if it fails), but the sooner you get in the more you can earn. It may not hurt to give it a shot, but shouldn’t be reliedupon as a reliable method to earn cryptocurrency over the long run.

The Bee Network economic model is built upon the following principle, i) new supply of Bee becomes 0 when the total user base has grown to 1 billion worldwide ii) earlier joiner should be rewarded better than late joiners iii) users with more contribution to the community should be rewarded better iv) contribution made by Bee Network ‘s core development team should be recognized and rewarded v) total supply of Bee is dependent on number of users.


19. PHONEUM (Bonus code: mwjydgkj for a 200 PHT bonus deposit)

Much like Bee and Pi, Phoneum makes cloud mining easy on your mobile device without draining your battery. Phoneum does initially require internet (or cell service) in order to establish a connection to the Phoneum server and start a mining session. But once a mining session has started, the server handles everything else in the cloud, meaning once you’ve established a mining sessions on the Phoneum server, the app no longer requires an internet connection or even for the app to be open or even running in the background on your mobile device. Everything besides establishing a connection is performed in the cloud, ensuring your mining sessions will not drain your battery even if the app is closed or even if your mobile device is off. The major benefit of Phoneum (unlike Bee and Pi), is that Phoneum tokens (PHT) already have value (current price on April 30, 2022 is $0.0004526). Phoneum’s referral program is generous, although a little clunky. They do not offer a referral URL like other programs, but instead offer a bonus code, so you can use our bonus code of mwjydgkj for an instant 200 PHT deposited to your account. They also do things a little differently by offering bonuses based on referral activity. For instance, they offer a 200 PHT bonus for referrals who complete at least 2 mining sessions, 500 PHT after 5 mining sessions, and 1,000 PHT after 10 mining sessions. Personally, we’re a much bigger fan of percentage based referral programs that offer unlimited earnings for active referrals, but a potentiona referral bonus of up to 1,750 PHT isn’t nothing either. Finally, once you reach a total of 20,000 PHT, you can stake PHT for 1% monthly rewards or 12% annually. The minimum to withdraw is 20,000 PHT and unfortunately, because PHT is so new it appears it can currently only be traded on ProBit Exchange. In summary, while we love the idea of these phone mining apps that utilize cloud servers over mobile phone processors, these apps are still in their infancy and Phoneum appears to be the only one that has launched on an exhange and held value. So if we were to choose one of the mobile mining apps, it would probably be Phoneum using our bonus code of mwjydgkj for an instant 200 PHT.



Unlike the rest of our cryptocurrency mining apps which use mobile apps and cloud based servers to mine coins, Rollercoin is in a category all of it’s own as a web based virtual mining game. Because we don’t currently have a games category in our list yet we’ve listed Rollercoin here in our cryptocurrency mining apps category because that’s where it fits best. But make no mistake, Rollercoin is not just a game, it’s an actual virtual mining world that utilizes it’s own in game token called RollerToken (RLT), the official currency of this virtual mining universe with its own economy and community where RLT is used to purchase powerful miners, upgrades, and boosts. Currently, RLT can be purchased using Bitcoin, Doge, Ethereum, and Tether, but purchasing RLT is not necessary in order to earn cryptocurrency in this virtual mining environment. With 10 games available to play, each game you play earns you additional mining power for the next 24 hours (and you can even upgrade your computer and hashing power by playing more games), which means you earn free cryptocurrency after every block reward (5 minutes). The more games you play, the higher your hash rate, and the higher your earnings. So, if playing games is how you’d like to earn free cryptocurrency, Rolellrcoin is the solution for you. Additionally, utilizing their referral program earns you 25% from each referrals in game profits and 15% from in game purchases. While playing Rollercoin games to gain higher hash rates and eventually earn free cryptocurrency, you can choose to either withdraw your earnings and walk away or you can chose to re-invest you earnings in improved mining hardware and increase your earning power even more. When you earn enough free crypto from playing games to upgrade your mining rigs, you’re making a conscious decision to invest in the Rollercoin universe and the variety of virtual mining opportunities. The more mining hardware you buy, the higher your hash rates, and the greater your earnings for every block mined. So, while earnings will be be slow at first (unless you invest in RLT), the more you invest in mining power and higher hash rates, the faster your earnings increase, making Rollercoin a solid long term solution for free cryptocurrency that is not only a one of a kind game but also extremely fun to play. If you’re looking for fast earnings with low withdrawal limits, Rollercoin probably isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for a long term gaming system that offers high profits when you put in the time and effort, Rollercoin is a great solution with a solid foundation and most definitely definitely worth trying out!

BONUS TIP: Purchasing upgraded mining gear can only be done using RLT and while you can certainly buy RLT (that’s what they want you to do) using BTC, ETH, DOGE, or USDT, there is also a free method to earn RLT and upgrade your mining gear without paying anything. The only problem with earning significant crypto without any investment within Rollercoin is that the process is quite slow and requires daily dedication to playing simple games. Purchasing RLT is obviously encouraged within the RollerCoin universe, but when you play and win and one of their 10 games (all very quick and easy to complete) you also increase your hash rate, and fortunatelyg you can split your mining power between each of the crypto coins as well as RLT. While it will definitely be tempting to dedicate your mining power to BTC, DOGE, or ETH if you want to cash out sooner than later, the smart move for long term profits is to dedicate 100% of your mining power to RLT so you can ultimately buy more powerful mining rigs and earn more free cryptocurrency over the long term. Again, this process will be slow but requires no investment and it’s progressive, meaning you’ll need to play lots of games and play daily to earn enough RLT to finally upgrade your mining gear, but as you buy more gear your mining power permanently increases and so does your RLT earnings. Additionally, if you play 10 games in 24 hours, you upgrade your computer which keeps your newly earned hash rate for three days instead of one. So, if you don’t want to invest actual cryptocurrency to increase your mining power, this is the best crypto earning strategy available besides relying on affiliate commissions. On the other hand, if you want to invest a little crypto to get a jump start, you can obviously buy RLT and buy powerful mining equipment immediately which gets your hash rate up quickly and earning at an accelerated rate. Get ou tthere and choose your own adventure!


In this section we will outline the top play to earn (P2E) crypto games. When breaking down the best P2E crypto games, we’re typically looking for games that at least provide players the opportunity to earn free cryptocurrency without any required financial investment. With that said, even among the best of the best play to earn crypto games, players who can make a financial investment of some sort into a crypto gaming platform will always gain a significant advantage over free to play (F2P) players when it comes to realizing their true earning potential. While it is certainly possible to make a significant profit without ever making a single deposit, we have found that a little bit goes a long way and if we’re planning to invest our time and energy into a crypto gaming platform, it’s usually worth it to divert at least a little bit of our previously earned crypto profits into this gaming platform as a means of increasing our ROI in the long run. A couple important reminders: 1) There’s no such thing as a free lunch, 2) It takes money to make money.

21. Arc8 by Gamee

We’re excited to offer exclusive invites to one of the fastest growing DApps, Arc8 by Gamee! This tournament style mobile gaming platform uses it’s own coin on the Polygon network, GMEE Token, to provide the community a non-stop list of custom developed tournaments that pay GMEE to the top players (Usually top 150 or 250 players) within each individual tournament. On average, you can expect to find 4-5 tournaments at any given time, and they typically run somewhere between 2-3 hours each. Players can easily deposit or cash out their winnings directly to their wallet on the Polygon network, but we advise trying to build your balance over time and keeping your coins in your account so you can ensure you always have enough for tournaments or 1-on-1 entries. So, if you’ve been waiting for the next big opportunity to earn free crypto, this is your chance to get in before it’s too late…And the best part is, it’s 100% free!


Unverified Earning Opportunities
In this section we will outline additional methods to earn free cryptocurrency that we have been unable to verify as legitimate and are currently classifying them as scams. We have made the conscious decision to keep them listed here because we dont have any proof either way of whether they are legitimate or not, but all signs point to them being scams. We will take the uncertainty and the obligation to make this determination yourself but continuing to take advantage of these free cryptocurrency opportunities in our free time even though we have been unable to verify payouts. We are dedicated to reaching the minimum to withdraw for each of these unverified programs and shed light on the truth regarding these program, whether that truth is good or bad. We will updated this list and remove opportunities that are proven to be unprofitable or outright scams. For now, use these crypto earning opportunities with the assumption that they are indeed scams and play at your own risk and without expectations.

If you have experience using any of these unverified free cryptocurrency methods, whether positive (did they actually pay you?) or negative (did you find it impossible to reach the minimum to withdraw or did they refuse to pay you after you did meet the minimum?), we’d love to hear from you so we can better assess each program and provide a more accurate and more detailed review of each. Please email us if you have any information you’d like to share and if you do find yourself getting paid from one of these web based crypto apps, please send us proof of payment with your withdrawal address and bitcoin transaction ID (TXID) so we can verify its legitimacy. While we’ve seen images of “proof of payment” from each of these programs, each and every one of them is unverifiable due to the lack of a transaction ID and payment address, making our suspsicions even greater than before.


Lootbits appears to be developed by the same team that runs Pirate Wins (see below), and due to the manner in which Pirate Wins utilizes deceptive practices to make their app appear more profitable than it is by decreasing winning odds as user balances increase, we advise to proceed with Lootbits with similar caution. With that said, Lootbits has proven to be more a consistently profitable system that Pirate Wins so far despite us still having yet reached the minimum with withdraw (.049 BTC!). Lootbits, is a mystery box app that starts off by offering new users 5 free boxes every hour. Contents of these boxes can include free bitcoin, extra mystery boxes, badges, XP points, or they may also be empty. Much like Pirate Wins, Lootbits appears very profitable as the bitcoin prizes in each box tend to include 3,000 to 7,000 satoshi, making user balances increase quickly. The main issue with Lootbits that makes it a bit more suspect than the rest of our verified earning opportunities is the minimum amount to withdraw is set to .049 BTC, which is extremely high. It makes us wonder whether or not we will get paid even if we do reach the minimum to withdraw because .049BTC  is currently worth over $3,000. Nonetheless, we’ve managed to earn 11% (.00583589 BTC) within the first week of signing up (April 9, 2022) and currently hold a a balance of .01928003 (39%) in less than a week (Aopril 15, 2022) of our last balance update. If this kind of growth continues, reaching the minimum to withdraw shouldn’t take very long at all. But, that, combined with the sheer amount dispensed during withdrawal, makes us cautious and consider the fact that this program may not keep it’s promise of earning free cryptocurrency. This review will be updated as more information becomes clear and the validity of the program can be confirmed.

We are currently unaware if Lootbits lowers winning odds as user balances increase like Pirate Wins does, but they do promote 20% bigger payouts (on offers from the offer wall) once users collect 15 of the 36 potential badges, and 40% bigger payouts once users collect all 36 potential badges. As of this writing (April 9, 2022), we have currently collected 18 of the potential badges, and as of April 15, 2022 we have collected 34 of the total 36 badges. Additionally, mystery boxes can include experience points (XP), allowing users to level up. Lootbits claims “Higher level users receive more gems per hour and get better boxes!”, implying upgraded boxes either include increased winning odds or increased prizes (but the specifics are not clear). Users start at level 0 and get 5 free starter boxes per hour. Once users acquire 100 XP, they are promoted to level 1, where they now get 10 free upgraded “Purity boxes” per hour. Every 100 XP increases the users level (maxing out at level 5), increasing the number of free boxes by 5 (maxing out at 35 boxes per hour), and upgrades the free box itself (Starter box upgrades to Purity box, which upgrades to Carbon box, which upgrades to Royal gold box, which upgrades to Neon Box, which upgrades and maxes out at level 5 with the Portal box). How exactly these upgraded boxes affect winning odds or prizes is still unknown. Finally, Lootbits also offers additional free boxes every day, offering 5 free boxes for answering a daily survey, and additional free boxes through a daily personal link. The daily personal link requires you to get clicks to your unique daily link from unique visitors, offering progressive levels with increased free box rewards for each level. As for Lootbits referral program, they offer 1 free box for each unique visit, 2 free boxes for each new user registration, 10 free boxes if the new users are based in 1 of 15 tier 1 countries, 25 free boxes for new user email confirmation, and 30% commission on completed offers. Again, Lootbits is an unverified earning opportunity to play at your own risk and without expectations.



Pirate Wins is a simple, fun, and actually a very profitable wheel based earning system that offers a variety of payment options, but encourages crypto payments by offering no withdrawal fees for bitcoin, litecoin, and dogecoin. Pirate Wins is a wheel of fortune type game, that offers a unique variety of prizes like scratch it cards, treasure chests, lottery tickets, free spins, and straight up cash. While lottery style prizes like scratch it cards and treasure chests appear to have an extremely low rate of actual cash wins ( I would 5% chance of win, maybe even less), Pirate Wins offers more than enough free spins to get the job done. New users start with a bonus of 100 free spins, which can easily earn $5-$10, possibly even more (we won $7.16 with our first 100 spins). Once these free spins run out, users can request 25 more free spins every hour. The only downside is there is a 1 hour waiting period for these 25 spins to activate. Despite the wait time for claiming free spins, Pirate Wins appears well worth the effort as it’s a high earning system that pays out in three of the top cryptocurrencies. Additionally, if you don’t feel like waiting, you can view websites for 20-60 seconds at a time to earn even more free spins or hit up the offer wall and complete tasks like mobile game download and surveys. They even offer a jackpot prize, typically in the range of a few hundred dollars and jackpot entries are earned by spinning the wheel, with 1,000 free bonus entries if you hit three jokers in a row. We also managed to do that with our first 100 spins. Unfortunately, the withdrawal limit is relatively high at $100, but this doesn’t appear to be a major issue considering how high the earnings appear to be. Pirate Wins appears to be one of the most simple, fun, and potentially profitable crypto earning opportunities available at the moment, and we suggest taking advantage of it sooner than later.

UPDATE: Pirate Wins appears to lower the odds of winning as your balance increases. We very quickly reached 50% ($50) of the minimum to withdrawal of $100 and earnings per round have very clearly significantly decreased. Nonetheless, we still do earn with each hourly session and add more to our overall balance every single round. So, while Pirate Wins doesn’t appear to be nearly as profitable as it initially indicated, it does appear it’s still very possible to meet the minimum $100 balance and successfully make a withdrawal. Currently (April 15, 2022), our balance stands at $58.87 and each round of 20 free spins seems to averages a net win between $0.10 and 0.25, with a few slightly higher winning rounds which are much more rare. We will keep this post updated with our progress on a weekly basis until we reach the minimum to withdraw and verify the legitimacy of this crypto earning program. So, while, Pirate Wins is not even close to as profitable as initially advertised, claiming your free spins every hour and playing consistently, should eventually earn you the minimum 100% to withdraw.



BTC Smash once again appears to be developed by the same team that runs Pirate Wins and Lootbits, and due to the manner in which Pirate Wins very secretly and very successfully utilizes deceptive practices to make their app appear more profitable than it actually is by decreasing winning odds as user balances increase, we advise to proceed with BTC Smash with similar caution. Additionally, BTC Smash doesn’t accept every kind of BTC address and they have no support (we learned that the hard way), so if you do want to try this program out make sure your address is fully compatible by entering it upon logging in and ensuring it’s displayed in full. The lack of a support email or ticket concerning is extremely concerning and should be the first sign this may be a scam. BTC Smash, works very similarly to Lootbits, us mystery boxes are smashed by the user to reveal an award. New users get 50 free boxes, and then 10 boxes every 3 hours. Contents of these boxes can either include free bitcoin, additional mystery boxes, or they may also just be empty. Much like both Pirate Wins and Lootbits, the main issue with BTC Smash is that the minimum amount to withdraw is set to .035 BTC (currently over $2,000), which is extremely high. Additionally, due to the 3 hour waiting period between claims, earning the minimum to withdraw can take a very long time without taking advantage of their offer wall or referral program.

Offer walls work just like any other, offering between 20 and 800 free boxes for completing 3rd party advertiser offers. While we usually stay away from offer wall tasks, the mobile game install offers can be quite profitable, safe, and easy to complete for those who enjoy playing mobile games. For instance, a  current mobile task is offering 800 boxes (with double payout!!), so 1,600 boxes for downloading the game Bingo Blitz™️ – Bingo Games from the BTC Smash offer wall and playing the game to finish level 70 within 14 days. How difficult that challenge is, we’re not exactly sure, but if you love mobile gaming, there are plenty of other opportunities just like this to earn hundreds, if not thousands of of extra boxes.

Finally, BTC Smash’s referral program offers 10 free boxes for every unique visit (plus an extra 10 free boxes from tier 1 countries), 25 free boxes for every registration, and 10 additional free boxes every 3 hours. So if you utilize the offer wall, build up your referral list, or use a combination of both techniques, you should be able to maximize you free boxes relatively quickly. Once again, we have yet to reach the minimum to withdraw and have to to verify that BTC Smash does in fact pay out it’s users, so again play this game without expectorations and maybe you will find yourself pleasantly surprised.


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