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Reviewing The Raindrop Nebulizer – Is it Really the Best Nebulizing Diffuser?

Reviewing The Raindrop Nebulizer – Is it Really the Best Nebulizing Diffuser?
04/28/2021 Coin Tasker
4/5 - (3 votes)

Introduction to essential oil diffusers

What do Bitcoin and Aromatherapy have in common? Not much…..Until now!

Today we’ve got a very special treat for all you naturopathic, homeopathic, and aromatherapy cryptocurrency fanatics! What does aromatherapy and cryptocurrency have in common you ask? Well, not much to be honest! But today, we’re going to break down that barrier by unboxing a custom Organic Aromas, top of the line, Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser with a 100% wooden base and gold laser engraved bitcoin logo! How cool is that?! This review is inspired by the fact that Organic Aromas now gladly accepts a variety of cryptocurrency as payments, including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), DAI, Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC), and we decided to finally pull the trigger and get one specifically for our bitcoin shrine!

Best nebulizing Diffuser _ Laser Engraved Bitcoin Logo

Is the Organic Aromas Raindrop the best nebulizing diffuser on the market? Skip down to our review to find out!

Already familiar with aromatherapy, essential oil diffusers, and why the nebulizer is the best all around diffuser? Feel free to skip the introduction and go straight to the review!

So, what is a diffuser and what is it used for?

For those of you that don’t know, an essential oil diffuser is also known as an aromatherapy diffuser. It disperses essential oils into the air and fills the area with a natural fragrance. Using essential oils for aromatherapy is a form of alternative medicine in which healing effects are ascribed to the aromatic compounds in essential oils and other plant extracts. While there are many benefits to aromatherapy, one of the best known uses for essential oils is their ability to assist you in unwinding after a tough day. Trust me when I say that when the price of bitcoin drops 20% in less than a day and the anxiety starts to kick in, aromatherapy is at the top of my list for relieving that anxiety and getting back on track.

So what is a nebulizing diffuser?

Most of us cryptocurrency loyalists might not even think twice about aromatherapy at this point, but that’s all about to change! There are a number of different types of diffusers ranging from ceramic diffusers, reed diffusers, electric diffusers, candle diffusers, ultrasonic diffusers, and finally the nebulizing diffuser. Unlike other diffusers, nebulizing diffusers break the essential oils into tiny molecules before dispersing them into the room without the use of water or heat. Nebulizers work by using pressurized air to diffuse a mist of oil, while a vacuum pulls oil to the surface of a distribution tube resulting in a mist of essential oil aroma to spread throughout the room. Nebulizing diffusers don’t require water or heat, which makes them a low-maintenance choice. Nebulizers are generally plastic-free for the eco-conscious user, but beware the glass parts of a nebulizer are fragile, making it a slightly higher priority to make sure they find a safe and sturdy location. Nebulizers have motors and a glass cylinder or bottle (as you’ll see in the unboxing video below). Nebulizer diffusers area easier to clean than other types of diffusers but the glass containers can be expensive to replace if broken. With that said, nebulizing diffusers are widely considered the best diffuser on the market since unlike other diffusers, they only diffuse pure essential oil molecules in to the air providing the full benefits of of aromatherapy.

Nebulizers are Organic Aromas Specialty

Organic Aromas specializes in these premium diffusers called nebulizing diffusers, widely considered the best kind of essential oil diffuser. Nebulizing diffusers work using a constant air supply source, utilizing  a jet of air blown over a small tube containing the essential oils. This airstream is what creates a vacuum effect that pulls the oils up out of the tube and sprays them into the air in an ultra fine mist. Unlike other diffusers, nebulizing diffusers disperses the oil as a whole into the air in the form of tiny droplets without diluting or otherwise altering the oil. For this reason nebulizing is often considered the best type of oil diffusion, but it also comes at a price as nebulizers use more essential oil than other diffusers that utilize water or other diluent (filler).

Because nebulizing diffusers are so effective at spreading essential oils throughout the room, most (including Organic Aromas) are equipped with controls to adjust the air flow and typically include timers allowing the distribution to be moderated throughout the day. While Organic Aromas has a massive selection of nebulizing diffusers, our favorites so far or the laser engraved Raindrop Nebulizers with the black and gold base. So far, they only have 4 Raindrop Nebulizers in this category, but you can check them out here for more information.

Why is Organic Aromas accepting cryptocurrency payments?

For starters, us crypto enthusiasts know that when any major retailer starts accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a payment solution, it’s one step closer to mass adoption and one step closer to making fiat currency obsolete forever. In a statement regarding their embracement of cryptocurrency as a payment solution for their premium diffusers, Organic Aromas had this to say:

“The decision to embrace this new technology demonstrates Organic Aromas® ongoing commitment to incorporating innovative business models into its operation. Bitcoin is an exciting, modern-day sensation that effectively competes with traditional payment methods for consumers’ business. By cutting out the middleman, buyers and sellers of Bitcoins can deal directly with one another. When using Bitcoin to transact for goods purchased online, there is a higher level of user privacy and efficiency, greater freedom, lower fees, immediate access to funds and additional protection against fraud.”

So, now that we know what a nebulizing diffuser is, why Organic Aromas is now accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment, and we sure all know what bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, and Ethereum are, let’s unbox this custom Nebulizing Diffuser engraved in gold and black with the decentralized bitcoin logo and see it up close first hand!

Full Review: Is Organic Aromas The Best Nebulizing Diffuser?

Unboxing The Organic Aromas black and gold engraved bitcoin nebulizing diffuser

Before we jump straight into the review to determine if the Organic Aromas laser engraved Raindrop is the best nebulizing diffuser on the market, we’re going to to do an old fashioned unboxing to see what they’ve sent us and capture our first impressions of this top of the line diffuser. Today, we’re not just unboxing any old regular essential oil diffuser, we’re unboxing (and reviewing) the Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser with a black wooden base and gold laser engraved bitcoin logo, made by the essential oil diffuser experts at Organic Aromas. So let’s get straight to it, simply play the video below for the unboxing and the demonstration of the this exclusive bitcoin engraved nebulizing diffuser!

Our 4 factors for Reviewing the Organic Aromas black and gold engraved bitcoin nebulizing diffuser

Now that we’ve thoroughly covered what an essential oil diffuser is and the key differences between nebulizing diffusers, we’re going to test the theory that the nebulizer is the best diffuser on the market. The nebulizing diffusers exclusive technology allows it to disperse pure essential oil (unlike other diffusers), making it widely considered the best diffuser on the market, but we’re not convinced just yet. So, let’s jump straight into our review process which covers four main areas:

  1. Quality & Features

  2. Effectiveness

  3. Oil Usage

  4. Ease of Cleaning

Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser Quality

1. High Quality Materials

When it comes to quality and features, the Organic Aromas Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser is unparalleled. The sheer amount of detail and high quality materials used to create such an effective and aesthetically beautiful essential oil diffuser certainly justifies it’s current price of $125. Keep in mind that price tag is for the top of the line Raindrop nebulizing diffuser with custom gold laser engraving, and there are a number of more affordable options available like the standard Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser for just $98. It provides the exact same quality and features minus the custom engraving  at nearly 25% off!

2. Custom-Blown Glass and 100% Natural, Whole Plantation Hardwood

Each handmade Raindrop Nebulizing diffuser uses specialty custom-blown glass and  premium quality wood for the base, like 100% natural, whole plantation hardwood, making each device a true work of artistic craftsmanship. There are numerous varieties, shapes, colors and sizes of essential oil diffusers to choose from. There is even an impressive amount of variety in just the Raindrop Nebulizer model including laser engraved, hand carved, and a variety of other custom styles sure to fit the aesthetic and functional needs of just about anyone.

3. Custom Hand Carved and Laser Engraved Nebulizers

From a custom collection of hand carved nebulizing diffusers like the Hand Carved Buddha, the Hand Carved Elephant, and he Hand Carved Tropical Forest (our personal favorite!), Organic Aromas is clearly taking pride in the quality of their craftmanship and it shows. Additionally, their Laser Engraved Nebulizing Diffusers provide truly limitless designs for the Raindrop Nebulizer! They offer a variety of custom works like the Bitcoin engraved Raindrop we’re reviewing today, but they also offer your own custom designed Raindrop Nebulizer, allowing you to upload your own logo, picture, or even hire a professional artist to design a custom image that will be used to create the ultimate laser engraved Raindrop Diffuser to look exactly like you desire. Clearly producing high quality products is a top priority of Organic Aromas and based on what we’ve seen over the last week with our own Raindrop Nebulizer, we can say with confidence that this is clearly one of the best nebulizers on the market today.

Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser Features

1. Unique Features

The realization that Organic Aromas took the time to add in a plethora of custom unique features to the Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser was when we truly realized their dedication to excellence. It’s one thing to have a quality product, but it’s a whole other thing to have a quality product with unique features like a color fading LED light for example (see unboxing video above), the MagSafe protection, and the Wi-Fi Mini Smart Socket (more on that below) that enrich your aromatherapy experience like no other brand.

2. Touch-Sensor Light Switch Function

One of our favorite features is the color fading rotating LED light (as shown in the unboxing video), which makes for an incredible visual experience when combined with the essential oil mist at night as you kick back and relax. Best of all, if the rotating LED lights are a distraction while you try to go to sleep, or maybe you simply don’t like them, there’s a touch sensor on the back of the nebulizer that shuts off all lights. It literally couldn’t be easier. No cheaply made buttons or  switches, just a simple touch sensor requiring nothing but a light tough of the finger and the lights turn on or off depending on your preference.

3. High Quality and Precise Laser Engraving

We’ve mentioned this once before, but allowing customers to buy the most gorgeous and effective nebulizer on the market and further customize it with their own specialty laser engraved design is a feature I didn’t expect all….But considering how much I absolutely love my bitcoin engraved Raindrop Nebulizer, this laser engraved feature is not only and incredible idea but it’s laser engraved to absolute perfection. Just take a look the finer details of the engraved bitcoin logo on my Nebulizer and just think of all the different possibilities with attention to detail like that!

best nebulizing diffuser bitcoin engraved

4. Quiet

Unlike other types of diffusers, especially those that use loud fans and mechanical equipment, Organic Aromas Raindrop Nebulizers are comparatively very quiet. Admittedly, they are not completely silent, but when set up properly the Raindrop Nebulizer can’t be heard at all from about a 6-8 foot distance. After reading complaints from other diffusers, it’s clear that the relative quietness of the Raindrop Nebulizer is a significant feature and is a serious consideration for most people when it comes to purchasing one. From our experience, the sound is very minimal and can barely be heard when placed on our office desk but is completely silent when placed just a few more feet away. Considering how well the Raindrop Nebulizer disperses the aroma of the diffused oil across large spaces, there really is no need to keep it so close anyway.

5. Safe

While essential oils are safe, you should still take precautions to keep them out of reach of children. There are some instances where essential oils may not be ideal, or special precautions may need to be taken such as with pregnant women, but in general Nebulizer diffusers are extremely safe and pose no serious threats as long as you purchase your essential oils from a reliable source, and that you use them safely.

6. Pure Oil Diffusion

Unlike other diffusers which mix water or other diluents, Organic Aromas Nebulizing Diffusers use ONLY pure essential oil. There’s NO USE FOR WATER to dilute the scent, grow mold, or cause humidifying issues within your home. Additionally, Organic Aromas is committed to creating high quality nebulizers that DO NOT USE HEAT that change the therapeutic properties of your oils and they absolutely DO NOT USE PLASTIC that leech toxic chemicals into home. When it comes to safety, the Raindrop Nebulizer gets a score of 100 as it’s one of, if no the, safest nebulizer on the market.

7. MagSafe Protection

the Raindrop by Organic Aromas, comes with a bonus MagSafe-style electrical cord for added convenience and protection. The physical connection via the standard electrical cord and plug has been replaced by a magnetic connection, meaning that tripping over the power cord won’t send your Raindrop flying off a table or desk! With this new advancement, the electrical cord on your diffuser simply breaks cleanly away, without damage to either the cord or the unit, making it safer to keep around children and pets who might trip on the electrical cord. Nonetheless, there in no excuse not to keep your diffuser in a safe location away from children and pets, but it does provide additional piece of mind when selecting the final location of your Nebulizer.

8. Wi-Fi Mini Smart Socket

While the Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser doesn’t come with this Wi-Fi Mini Smart Socket on it’s own (it’s purchased as an add-on), allowing you to manage your aromatherapy schedule from the comfort of your phone, effortlessly controlling how, when, and the length of the time your diffuser operates. Best of all, the Wi-Fi Mini Smart Socket is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Echo and Echo Dot, and additional smart apps available for both Android and iOS.

1. Quality and Features

Nebulizer Quality & Features

Effectiveness of the Raindrop Nebulizer

The effectiveness of the Organic Aromas Raindrop Diffuser is beyond that of any other essential oil diffuser we’ve tried. Not only does it offer the purest and most concentrated fragrance across a large area in a very short period of time, but because it also offers the largest concentration of fragrance across all diffusers. Additionally, The Raindrop Nebulizer has a low energy consumption, operating on an automatic schedule of two minutes ON, and then two minutes OFF for a period of two hours to keep the aroma absolutely perfect. After two hours, the pump will automatically shut down but the light will stay on, requiring you to manually restart the diffuser and preventing accidentally leaving the nebulizer running on full power for extended periods of time. Of course, these settings can be changed with the Wi-Fi Mini Smart Socket, but the natural design of the Raindrop’s power settings are fully optimized for perfection and make it completely unnecessary unless you prefer to have more control over the schedule of your nebulizing diffuser.

2. Effectiveness

Nebulizer Effectiveness

Raindrop Nebulizing Diffuser Oil Usage

Essential oils are naturally expensive and the high quality essential oils (pure oils with no fillers) Organic Aromas strongly recommends using in their Raindrop Nebulizer are even more expensive, so it only makes sense that the amount of essential oil any diffuser goes through and how quickly it does so would be an important factor in the purchasing decision of an essential oil diffuser. The more oil a diffuser uses in any given amount of time only adds to the overall cost of owning and operating an essential oil diffuser.

Like most things of quality, price can become a factor very quickly. And the best nebulizing diffuser is no exception. Because the Raindrop Nebulizer doesn’t use water or any other diluents, it doesn’t have any humidifying effect, and it only diffuses 100% essential oil, meaning it naturally uses more oil faster and at higher concentrations than other types of diffusers. While the high oil usage of the Raindrop Nebulizer is already significantly reduced (compared to other nebulizers) without reducing effectiveness through the use of the built in auto timer, there simply isn’t any way to to truly reduce oil usage to that of other nebulizers that user water or other diluents. Because the Raindrop Nebulizer isn’t left on nearly as long as other nebulizing diffusers, using a two minutes on, two minutes off method for a period of two hours (at which point the pump will automatically shut down but light will stay on), the Raindrop diffuses more essential oil than other types diffusers but uses significantly less oil than any other nebulizing diffuser.

In conclusion, by only diffusing pure essential oils. the Raindrop Nebulizer naturally diffuses higher concentrations of oil, but with significantly improved effectiveness over other diffusers and significantly lower oil usage than any other nebulizing diffuser on the market today.

We give the Raindrop Nebulizer 4 stars in the “Oil Usage” category because even though it does use more oil, it does so with added benefits including higher concentrations of oil diffusion, which covers more space in the home, it doesn’t have any humidifying effect from water dilution, and it covers a wider range of space in the home. Not to mention, Organic Aromas has taken the steps necessary to ensure that even thought their Raindrop Nebulizer does in fact use more oil, it does so intelligently with their two minutes on, two minutes off method, ensuring oil isn’t being wasted throughout the home.

While many consumers might see this higher rate of oil usage as a flaw, or a reason not to buy a Raindrop Nebulizer due to the increased expenses associated with keeping higher amounts of high quality pure essential oil on hand, we actually consider this a benefit due to the various reason mentioned above.

3. Oil Usage

Nebulizer Oil Usage

Raindrop Nebulizer Ease of Cleaning

While I have yet to need to clean my Raindrop Nebulizer, the instructions Organic Aromas provides makes it very clear the cleaning process is extremely simply and relatively effortless, with the only tolls needed being rubbing alcohol and the cleaning pipettes included in the box. There are three different cleaning methods, each with slight variations in the process. Understanding how to properly clean your Raindrop Nebulizer is likely the most important piece of knowledge you’ll need as satisfied owner, as proper maintenance will increase the lifetime of your nebulizer and ensure it’s working at full capacity and providing the most effective results possible.

1. General Cleaning

If you are using your Raindrop Nebulizer every day, proper maintenance dictates that you should provide general cleaning once a week. Luckily, general cleaning is as easy as using the diffuser in the first place. Using the provided cleaning pipette, simply add a few milliliters of plain rubbing lcohol and turn on the nebulizer for 5-10 minutes allowing the alcohol to clean the micro-tubes. Finally, dispense of the leftover alcohol and let it fully dry. That’s it!

2. Partial Cleaning

Partial cleaning is a more intensive cleaning process recommended specifically if you’re using relatively thick pure essential oils (like Patchouli or Sandalwood for instance), or if you have not used your nebulizer for an extended period of time. For partial cleaning, you will need to remove the glass reservoir from the base and place it in a large cup (to prevent spilling or drippage from the bottom of the reservoir). Next, use the cleaning pipette to squirt rubbing alcohol directly into the micro tubes, shaking and swirling the reservoir to ensure the alcohol thoroughly washes the micro-tubes. Repeat this process as many times as needed to properly clean the micro-tubes, then simply dispense of the alcohol and once it’s dry your nebulizer will be clean again and ready to use.

3. Deep Cleaning

If you use your Raindrop Nebulizer every day or every other day, you should perform a deep cleaning at least once per month. Luckily deep cleaning is also a relatively simple process, meaning there’s no real excuse not to do it if you want to maintain the quality of your Raindrop Nebulizer and keep it operating with full effectiveness.

To perform a deep cleaning, place the glass reservoir in a container with hot water (about 60°C to 80°C or 140°F to 180°F) and add a small amount of mild dishwashing soap. The combination of hot water and soap will remove any staining, film, or blockage that may have occurred over time through regular use. Simply let the soap and hot water soak for at least thirty minutes, adding more hot water periodically if it starts to cool. After thirty minutes, simply clean out you reservoir thoroughly with warm tap water to remove the soap and the set the unit in a safe place to dry. Be careful not to use cold water to rinse the reservoir if it’s hot as it could cause the glass reservoir to crack. Once the reservoir has been cleaned, rinsed, and dried, your seep cleaning is complete and you’re ready to start using your Raindrop Nebulizer as usual.

4. Conclusion

Because the Raindrop Nebulizer does require slightly more cleaning than other kinds of diffusers, but because the cleaning processes themselves are so simple and almost effortless, we gave a score of an 85 for ease of cleaning. That score should be taken with a grain of salt though, because a perfect score of 100 would mean it has a self cleaning feature and does not require any effort on your part to maintain the nebulizer and keep it in tip top shape. The truth is, the score should probably be a little bit higher here due to the relative ease of each cleaning process, but and 85 is a solid score and is in no way an indication of anything negative.

4. Ease of Cleaning

Ease of Cleaning a Nebulizer

Conclusion: Is the Raindrop really the best Nebulizer on the market today?

Now that you know what a nebulizing diffuser is, you know you can now buy one with cryptocurrency, and you’ve read our in depth review of the Organic Aromas Raindrop Nebulizer, let’s review the final scores of each of our four review categories below, find out what the final overall score is for the Raindrop and discuss if it really is the best nebulizer on the market today.


Our final score for the Organic Aromas Raindrop Nebulizer is a 91 out of 100. Our conclusion is that even though the Raindrop loses a few points for high usage of essential oil (with a score of 80 out of 100) and their recommendations of required weekly and monthly cleanings in order to keep the Raindrop working at full capacity (earning a score of 85 out of 100), the very fact that we gave the Raindrop a perfect score of 100 for both the Quality & Features category as well as the Effectiveness category, these minor deductions in two major category scores feel more like a minor inconvenience (rather than actual flaws) that has come to be expected for most high quality products in any industry. For instance, the best restaurants require high quality ingredients and constant cleaning/upkeep to ensure their customer experience is better than than the competition. Similarly, with high quality essential oils and the adherence to a relatively simply cleaning/maintenance schedule, the Raindrop is in fact in our opinion the best nebulizer on the market today.

If you’re a bitcoin fanatic like us, which we’re assuming you are if you’re reading this review here on Coin Tasker, go ahead and pick yourself up the Black and Gold Laser Engraved Bitcoin Logo Raindrop Diffuser today!

Use promo code COINTASKER for $15 off a purchase over $80 (Expires July 31, 2021)



Quality & Features 100
Effectiveness 100
Oil Usage 80
Ease of Cleaning 85
Overall 91

Despite Organic Aromas Raindrop Nebulizer diffuser taking a couple small hits overall on how much oil it uses and and the relative inconvenience of cleaning, from our experience the Raindrop is the best Nebulizing diffuser available on the market today. The very fact that the Raindrop Nebulizer excels in high quality craftmanship, is superior in every way with regards to effective aromatherapy and a has a wide range of awesome and sometimes excessive features shows that Organic Aromas is dedicated to differentiating themselves from the rest of the essential oil diffuser market by creating truly unique nebulizing diffusers that are simply unrivaled in quality and effectiveness. Overall, we think the Raindrop is in fact the best Nebulizing diffuser money can buy,

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