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Task Wall

Are you here, wondering how to earn bitcoins? Well, worry not because this is the best place to earn free bitcoins, with over 10,000 bitcoin earning opportunities! Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself with the Coin Tasker Giant Task Wall! This page is your?portal to all of our top micro tasks you can complete to earn free bitcoins. Use the filter below to find exactly the kind of task you are looking to complete for free bitcoins, or simply click on one of the task providers listed below. While, this page has all of our top tasks listed, there are hundreds of other tasks listed throughout our site in the form of bonuses. The more active you are in the community the more eligible for bonuses?and the more often you will see new tasks as they arrive, before they are added to the Giant Task Wall.

  • May162017
    Earn Free Bitcoins with Peanut Labs Surveys
  • Apr122017
    earn free bitcoin with ad click wall
  • Mar252017
    Earn Free Bitcoin With Adgate Media
  • Mar182017
  • Jan132017
    earn free bitcoin with say so for good surveys
  • Dec292016
    earn bitcoins with offer daddyt
  • Nov222016
  • Mar122016
  • Jul202015
  • Nov132014
  • Oct212014
  • Sep292014
  • Sep242014
  • Jul092014
    Watch Videos for Bitcoins
  • Apr162014
    Earn free bitcoin with radio loyalty
  • Apr092014
    Trial Pay Task Wall
  • Apr072014
    Earn Free bitcoin with Matomy
  • Mar262014
    earn free bitcoin with offer toro
  • Oct092013
    Earn free bitcoins with Radium Wall Task Wall
  • Sep042013
  • Sep042013
    Earn bitcoin with Super Rewards
  • Sep042013
    Earn bitcoin with Payment Wall
  • Aug132013
    Earn bitcoin with CPA Grip
  • Aug132013
    Earn bitcoin with Adscend Media
  • Aug132013
  • Aug132013
    Trial Pay Task Wall

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