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Coin Tasker Recent Updates And What They Mean For Our Members

Coin Tasker Recent Updates And What They Mean For Our Members
10/11/2017 Coin Tasker
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Over the last couple days, we have been forced to make some major updates to the Coin Tasker platform. If you have been a member for some time, you will instantly notice some changes to your account and we want to make all of our members aware of what these changes were, why they were necessary and what other updates are on the horizon.

What Updates Were Made?

So far, the major update we made has to do with our social media platform. For years now, we have been operating on a unreliable, open-source social media platform that is EXTREMELY resource intensive, called BuddyPress. While BuddyPress served us well for the first year or two of operation, once our membership base grew we found that the entire site suffered from extremely slow load times and often times out, making Coin Tasker completely unavailable for a significant portion of our member base. For the last two years, we have fought this struggle wholeheartedly. We did everything in our power to make the site functional. We spoke with BuddyPress developers, we purchased over the top expensive hosting, and we analyzed and optimized over and over. Unfortunately, the hard truth is that BuddyPress simply isn’t built for a website of this size, and it’s not going to be anytime soon. BuddyPress is developed by volunteers, and they have no intention of following best practices to make larger sites efficient because in their eyes, a site this large should have its own custom platform. This puts is in a grey area where we are too big for a simple plugin, but too small for a custom developed platform. After struggling with this issue for the last two years, and suffering from increasingly slower load times, we decided to put the social media functionality to rest finally, as it is the only way to keep the site alive and operational. Please be aware, we still have our Bitcoin forum, which will now be our main source of community updates.

Why Were These Updates Necessary?

These updates were necessary for a number of reasons. But, as we mentioned above, Coin Tasker had become so slow it was often timing out and keeping people from using the site to do what it was made for, earning bitcoins. At the end of the day, we had to go back to our roots and make a reliable system for our members to earn bitcoins. We are fully aware, the social updates were a huge draw for many of our users, and even may be the reason they logged in every day. But, we also need to consider the other members who are here strictly for bitcoin, and we need to ensure the website is usable.

What Can I expect?

It will be very easy to notice what features are gone, and you will find yourself re-routed to new areas we’ve built to accommodate old areas that no longer exist. You now have a new member dashboard that did not exist before, and you will find that navigating it may be much more streamlined and simple. Additionally, the most significant thing you can expect is drastically improved load times. At first glance, it looks like we’ve improved load times by 400%, meaning a faster and more comfortable experience for everyone.

What Other Updates Are Coming?

We have a few more updates coming that you should be aware of. First of all, and most importantly, we will be updating our payout structure. Currently, we are forced to manually update payout rates for all 25+ advertising partners whenever the price of bitcoin goes up. This is a major hassle, it’s not fun, and with the volatility of BTC prices, it becomes a massive chore. So instead, we will implementing a new multiplier factor. The multiplier will change in real time based on the current price of bitcoin. The payout rates for tasks on each task will will not change. So, for instance, lets say you install a mobile app for 10 bits, and the current multiplier factor is 35X, you would be paid 350 Bits for completing the task. This simple system will take us time to implement, but it will make the site more reliable, payouts will be higher in general, and they will constantly be up to date based on the current value of bitcoin.

Secondly, we will be working on lowering the minimum to withdraw. Please be aware, this may be a gradual update because it will be costly. If we lowered our withdrawal rate to 1,000 bits right away, we would have hundreds of members requesting withdrawals instantly, and we would likely go out of business. For this reason, we are going to lower the withdrawal amount in levels over the period of a few months, so we can guarantee our own ability to ensure our member are paid. We take pride in having a 100% payout rate for all members who complete tasks honestly within the terms of service, and we are not going to do anything to risk that.

How Can I Voice My Opinion?

First of all, we are fully aware that many of our members are upset about these updates, and all we can ask is that you don’t give up on us just yet. At the same time, we value ALL of our members feedback and we have always taken that feedback in to consideration whenever making important decisions that affect all of us. So please, if you have something you want to share, simply post in the updates section of our bitcoin forum and let us know. We promise we will always listen and do our best to accommodate everybody, but please realize that pleasing everyone will always be an impossible task and we must make decisions that benefit the greater good.

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