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BitCasino.io Bitcoin Casino Review

BitCasino.io Bitcoin Casino Review
12/30/2016 Coin Tasker
4.7/5 - (8 votes)

BitCasino.io - One Of The Most Popular Bitcoin Casinos

Bit Casino


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Gambling has been around for decades, yet, in the last couple of years, the casino market has seen a considerable number of improvements, starting with the appearance of online casinos. This revolution was taken once step forward with the appearance of bitcoin, and the growing support for the digital currency.

Gambling via bitcoin, rather than cash is considerably more advantageous to the players, as they?ll save money in the form of taxes (as the bitcoin transfer taxes are minimal), but also time (as bitcoin transactions are almost instant).

BitCasino.io currently represents one of the most popular bitcoin-based casinos available on the market. With a wide variety of games, including casino games, live casino, lotteries and more, BitCasino.io has them all. Some of its most popular games include Santa?s Kiss, Atlantic City Blackjack, King of Wealth, 88 Riches, Start Cash, 7 Sins, Jade Treasure and more.

In terms of the design, BitCasino.io looks absolutely great. The website offers users an easy-to-use interface that is lightning quick, and which enables players to quickly find and join the games that they are looking for.

To help attract more players, this casino makes use of different, highly-advantageous promotions, for the first deposit, second deposit, reload, but also VIP bonuses and more. BitCasino also has a couple of raffles that players can join and win a good amount of bitcoin. Not only this, but the casino also has a bonus promotion, which is meant to offer players bonuses for most of the transactions that they carry out.

Some of the other great features that the casino offers include anonymity, as the website does not require users to share any of their personal data, over 1000 fun, HD games that clients can enjoy, the possibility to opt for a live, 24/7 dealer for various casino games, high security protocols and more.

For those who are interested, BitCasino.io has a highly lucrative affiliate program, which has the potential of offering affiliate marketers up to 50% in commission on transactions being carried out. At this moment in time, the affiliate plan is divided into 6 tiers, each with its very own commission percentage.

As there?s been some controversy surrounding bitcoin casinos on whether they are really fair, it is worth keeping in mind that BitCasino.io comes along with a provably fair protocol, meant to allow any user to check whether the outcome of a roll has been tempered with by a third party or not. DO keep in mind the fact that this is not available for all of the games present on the site, but rather for just a few. However, a large percentage of the casino games come from reputable fiat-based casinos, and have their very own safety and trust certificates. Not only this, but most of these games have also been tested by third party private game laboratories, to help determine whether they are fair or not.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, if you?re looking for a great gambling experience, and want to deposit and be paid in bitcoin, then BitCasino.io may be the ultimate choice for you. Try it out and you surely won?t be disappointed.

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